Vantage point

Monday, March 24, 2008

Upton - Good News of Bad?

I was chatting with RajK about the Ind-SA test series, and this portion was funny.

Me: Their coach is a bit pissed, because Paddy Upton, India's new mental conditioning coach, has worked with SA before.
Me: They are worried about whether he will keep the SAn's info confidential. Gotta say, there is a conflict of interest.
RajK: SA and mental conditioning???? We have hired the guy who 'mentally conditioned' SA?
Me: Yeah!
RajK: Why? Will Indians also start choking now?
Me: Heh
RajK: I hope he doesn't pass on any info from his sessions with SA. Could be dangerous. For India!
Me: true. Hiring the guy who mentally conditioned SA does seem like a stupid move!

Good point! Is Paddy Upton SA's secret weapon? :)