Vantage point

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heh Part Deux

This guy has been entertaining me over the last few weeks in a manner eerily reminiscent of Larry Linville. Linville, for those not steeped in sitcom trivia, played Frank Burns on M*A*S*H. Whenever I tried to picture Bharath, it is Frank Burns' face that always flashed in front of my eyes. I decided to call him the Frank Burns of blogging.

Until today. Today, I noticed this hilarious postscript at the end of his post -

P.S: Dear disgruntled Sabnis blog readers. Food for thought. He has called people not interested in Primaries as "jackasses". I suspect 99% of you folks who read him aren't interested in the said Primaries. Are you jackasses? :-).

Sorry, but even Frank Burns can not come up with earnest hilarity like this. This is pure Dr. Phil level stuff. Leaps of logic, half truths, cliches and a rhetorical question to boot! Priceless!

I really hope that through future posts, I again unknowingly make Bharath Ram a.k.a. Dr. Phil aware of more of his several inadequacies and insecurities, so that he continues to regale us like this.