Vantage point

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kallu Hai Yaar!!

Over the last few weeks, whenever I meet fellow desi grad students on campus, I try to veer the small talk towards the US Primaries. Based on their responses, two very different categories emerge.

The first category is of people who are aware of the world beyond their advisors, labs and the next desi dance party. I presume they read newspapers or watch news channels or both. These guys are usually hoping Obama will win the Democrat nomination, and most of them want him to be President. There are a few who, like me, slightly prefer McCain. And there are few who support Hillary but have substantive reasons for it.

The second category is of people who really dont seem aware. Their choice is almost always Hillary. They dont want Obama to win, because in their words, "Kallu Hai Yaar!"... this sentence or something to this effect said with a crinkled nose. And of course, if I mention McCain, their response is usually "Who?"