Vantage point

Sunday, May 20, 2007

O Mi Gawd

Dear Sachin

Heard about your century against Bangladesh and immediately said to myself, "Hope he doesn't gloat over this and "answer his critics"". Sadly, you have done just that without realising how pathetic you look doing that. Things have come to such a pass that a man who would stay humble even after exploits against the strongest teams in the world, feels compelled to strut smugly like an ageing peacock when he scores a hundred runs against Bangladesh.

You said you don't have anything to prove to anyone. Could you please act like you mean it? Sure, they say everyone still thinks of you as a 17 year old kid. It is sad to note that you were twice as mature and dignified at 17 as you are at 34.

Seriously, stop tarnishing your own legacy. I am not of the opinion you should retire. You certainly have a few more years of cricket left in you. But I am of the opinion that you should stop acting like a complete twat.

Your Fan