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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daily SomeAchaar - China and India complain US Stealing their thunder in Civil Rights abuse

Washington (D.C) - The ambassadors of China and India today delivered a demarche to the United States government, taking strong exception to their thunder being stolen. Both countries complained that the recent arrest of a student of Chinese origin in Illinois for writing a violent essay does nothing but belittle similar moves by the two countries.

An Indian court recently issued an arrest warrant for actor Richard Gere for kissing an actress with her consent. While non-consensual public displays of affection are the norm in India, those with consent are frowned upon. Just as every media outlet in the world was showering India with attention for issuing an arrest warrant for a trivial consensual display of affection, the Cary police went ahead an arrested Lee. The Indian ambassador demanded that the United Nations interveme and set guidelines ensuring that an interval of at least one week should be allowed to pass before taking actions that clamp down on civil rights. This will ensure equal attention for all countries in today's globalized media.

The Chinese ambassador asserted that arresting Chinese people for writing something is an act patented by the Chinese government, and the prevailing international agreement on intellectual property rights mandates that the Cary police acknowledge the Chinese government as an inspiration.

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