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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Business of Blasphemy

Do you have a soul you're not using? That is what this website asks. The Blasphemy Challenge is asking people to deny the existence of the holy spirit, because apparently it is an unforgivable sin. If you do so in a video and post it on youtube, they will send you a DVD. In response of course, someone set up this site to save all those souls.

Now I am an atheist. But I would not denounce the holy spirit. Shocked? Actually I have a very simple reasoning for not wishing to denounce the holy spirit, that Dan Brown will be proud of.

Everyone knows hinduism is older than christianity, right? And one of our main festivals is holi. And what is an integral part of holi? Drinking bhaang. And what is bhaang made of? Cannabis. Thus cannabis can be appropriately called the holi spirit.

Now when the bible says do not blaspheme against the holy spirit, it actually means do not blaspheme against cannabis. Do not ban it. In fact surrender to it. So all these christian right wingers should actually be asking the government to lift the ban on marijuana. Because a ban on marijuana is equivalent to blaspheming against the holy spirit.

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