Vantage point

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Purviche Pune Rahile Nahi

As Pu La wrote, one every Punekar loves to say "purviche pune rahile nahi", i.e Pune isn't the same as before. Returning to this city afterall of 4 months, I have already noticed a few changes.

The De-Pulchritudinization of the Tekdi - Visited the tekdi aftera longtime. Noticed that the babe content on the tekdi has drastically fallen. I specifically mean pretty young things unaccompanied by boyfriends. This species used to abound on all tekdis, especially my beloved Law College tekdi. But it isn't so any more. I blame all these new gyms, overflowing with treadmills.

Puneri Signs in English - Acerbic and tart signs have been part of the Pune DNA. But these signs are usually in marathi. I spied a few new signs - "Saaykali vyavastheeth lava", "Internet band padlyaas kangaava karu naye. ISP kadoon connectionband hotey." This timeI also found a shop w ith the Puneri signs in English. And iice cream shop in Kothrud had the notice under the heading "Points To Be Noted"(this heading itself is quite a killer!)" - "Wedo not have any branches in or out of Pune", "Serving the ice cream may take 10-15 minutes in presence of rush" etc. I guess withthe increasing inflowof non-Maharashtrians into the city, it becomes essential to translate our Puneriness. :)