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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 'To Listen' Movie

Today I struck the first movie off my "To Listen" list. What's a "To Listen" list of movies? Movies which I have seen many times, but never listened to. If like me, you too were a teenager growing up in the pre-internet period of the 90s, then you too would have many such movies on your list.

Remember those days when Star Movies was not censoring the movies with adult content, but merely telecasting them after midnight? You would gather a few textbooks and announce to the world that you were planning to burn the midnight oil in the living room. Then after midnight, when everyone else was asleep, you would switch on Star Movies, mute it, and wait for that red octagon to appear. A red octagon meant the movie contained nudity, and some love(!) scenes. You would then wait for the action to come on, one eye firmly on the door lest a parent or a sibling walk in.

The Hot Spot was a perennial favourite, and I watched it at least thrice, not once being able to figure out the story, nor bothering to find out. I didn't know who Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen and Jennifer Connelly were, and I only had a faint recollection of the name Dennis Hopper, probably due to Speed. Though the movie made you wait for over an hour before showing you any real action, it was worth the wait. Enough said.

So today I watched AND listened to The Hot Spot, and found the movie to be quite entertaining. Set in a scorching Texan town, it is the story of a suave bank robber, an adulterous scheming wife, a blackmailer, and a clean scrubbed all-American girl. There's a lot of intrigue, drama, a bit of violence, and of course t&a. A mild Blue Velvet hangover for the director Dennis Hopper is evident in a few aspects of the movie. The plot flows effortlessly, though the ending disappoints a bit. I felt there was scope for one more twist which would have made it really delectable. I actually thought I detected a few hints of the twist that never came, with a glaring hint in the final t&a moment. Who knows, maybe Hopper had it in mind, but changed the script later on.

Decent effort by Don Johnson who just had to be suave and violent. Connelly looks HOT, fully deserving the upper case, and it makes you realise how her looks have deteriorated of late. However he Texan accent seems laboured. Madsen steals the show though, in literally every way possible.

So The Hot Spot is off the list. Next up - No Way Out.