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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good News From Bihar

Bihar has the uncanny ability to churn out the most pessimistic as well as the most optimistic stories. Over the last few days we have been hearing of Lalu's brother-in-law throwing tantrums at the Patna Railway Station to get a train change platforms for their sake. We have also read of a drunk JD(U) MLA creating a ruckus at a five star hotel.

Today CNN-IBN carried the story of a village in Bihar that churns out women footballers with contemptuous regularity. The village currently has 7 women who have represented India in football. What is remarkable is that they have no corporate or institutional backing. The villagers raise money for their gear and other requirements. Their family members encourage them to take up football and provide them every support, including picking them up after night practice.

Great to hear about such support for women footballers from a group of people that many consider India's most backward - Bihari villagers.

Will link to the story once it is up on the CNN-IBN site.