Vantage point

Monday, June 26, 2006

Boring Day Ahead?

Normally when you tune in to a preview show before the day's play, you want it to get over in a hurry, and the cricket to start at once.

But when you have an almost-sure boring day's cricket ahead, and when you have have one of the best talking heads, Ian Chappell on the expert's panel, you want the discussion to go on all day. Chappell is as crisp as they get. He has cricketing genius oozing out of his ears, he is articulate, and he does not hesitate to speak his mind. He put the whole controversy about Jerling's umpiring to rest in a clear-cut manner that was difficult to argue with.

Today promises to be a boring day, thanks to the over-cautiousness of Brian Lara. As Rohit said to me today, maybe the West Indians have gotten so used to losing that even a draw seems like a victory to them.

But let us not write off the day so soon. Remember that on the 4th day in Mumbai a couple of months ago, everyone was blasting Flintoff for not asking his batsmen to score fast, and leaving too short a time to bowl India out. India however obediently folded up with almost 3 hours to go.