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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Tag!!

Ermm... I have been tagged. And it is rude to not respond to tags. It is unlucky too, I am told. Didn't you hear about the Romanian blogger who refused to respond to a tag because it seemed too girlie, and was then hit by a charging rhinoceros? Or the blogger from Kodarma who was tagged, didn't respond, and was gifted 'The Collected Works Of Karan Johar' by his girl friend?


So respond I must.

I am thinking about - whom to tag at the end of this post. mwahahahaha
I said - order only half a rice
I want to - have hot piping onion bhajiyaas on the top of Sinhagad while it rains all around me
I wish - Pune had a world class business school
I miss - the bullseye whenever I throw darts at it.
I hear -, not there
I wonder - how, I wonder why, yesterday you told me bout the blue blue sky, And all that I can see, is just a peela nimbu ka ped
I regret - picking Sanskrit instead of German in Class 8. Ruined my chances of scoring with that hot babe in the Munich Olympic Village.
I am - hoping I'll still be alive after Sarika reads what I wrote about the babe in Munich.
I dance - to anything but Punjabi music.
I sing - when I want to be beaten up.
I cry - for help when I fall down cliffs when I am mountaineering.
I am not always - arguing. Really!! Prove it if you think I am. Go on, prove it. Without any logical fallacies.
I make with my hands - That's not grammatically correct!
I write - blog posts.
I confuse - when I can't convince.
I need - what every guy needs. ;-)
I should try - to go an entire day without talking!
I finish - any amount of seafood. ANY amount. That's a challenge!

Ah ha. Now I get to tag people. *Rubbing hands in glee*

I tag -

Satyen - who is holidaying in Iceland right now, but needs the impetus of a tag to write blog posts
Amit - who makes millions of posts everyday, so one more shouldn't bother him
Chandrahas - because I feel like shocking the readers of The Middle Stage
Chetan - to see how long his answers will be
Sarika - because I need to divert her mind away from the Munich babe
Dhammo - because he always tags me
Sumeet - because he is the only friend of mine who stands a realistic chance of scoring with a babe in Munich

If anyone wants to voluntarily respond to this tag, be my guest.