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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Superb Post!

In what is one of the best written blog posts I have read in weeks, Confused responds to Vinod Mehta's article.

Isn't it ironic how the best-articulated as well as the worst-articulated pieces about this issue have both been by Mehtas? Pratap Bhanu being the former and Vinod being the latter.

Vinod Mehta, apart from indulging in the usual middle-class-bashing also makes a glaring factual error. He claims the middle class was opposed to the Right to Information Act!

Anyway, read Confused's post. Some exceptional excerpts -

Those who think that our Socialist era failed the rich live in a fool’s paradise. No system of governance ever fails the rich. Did it stop the Ambanis and Tata’s and the Wadias from playing their little game? It never stopped wealth accumulation but only stopped wealth creation. It failed the poor, and that is why no party not even the Communists can afford to go back on the reforms.
For example, during the NDA rule, there was lot of talk about farmer suicides. Fine, NDA is gone, have they stopped? Why not? Is it because the kind of agriculture we practise in India is unsustainable. It really is, you just have to look at the US agriculture scene to understand that.
Let me say it clear-the Indian voter is among the most stupid, parochial and bigoted voter in the world. Can someone explain to me with this kind of smart voter, how do people like Narendra modi and Laloo Yadav get elected, how do parties like DMK win elections on the promise of providing free T.V sets, how have people with murder and rape charges managed to enter our parliament and legislatures?
Perhaps, Mr Mehta should read a few blogs!

Loved the last line. Yes Mehta should read a few blogs. And you all must read confused's blog.