Vantage point

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reservations in Primary Education

One result of the reservations debate has been a lot of people making a lot of statements without really thinking them through.

I am baffled at the frequency with which the idea of reservations in primary education has been put forth.

Even coming from the most statist and socialist premise, i.e free primary education is a fundamental right which should be ensured by the state, the idea of such reservations is absurd and self-contradictory. In fact coming from the statist premise, it is all the more absurd and self-contradictory.

A longer post explaining this will follow when I return to Bombay. But until then think about why the idea is so absurd. One clue to show why it is absurd, consider this - there is no affirmative action in American schools though it exists in American universities.