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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Great Khali!!!

As dhoomketu has written on his blog, Dalip Singh a.k.a The Great Khali demolished The Undertaker with rare ease at Judgement Day. WWE has always pushed Taker aggressively and usually most of his opponents have to "job" to him (i.e lose). Which is why, considering Singh's limited mic skills, I thought he would immediately have to job to Taker. But the turn that the Khali story has taken shows that WWE probably sees some long term potential in the guy. He was even shown making easy work of the current champion Rey Mysterio a couple of weeks back.

I still suspect that Undertaker will be shown as the eventual victor in this feud, mostly at Summerslam. But this extended run of domination shows that WWE has at least decent medium terms for Dalip Singh.

In terms of height or even weight he may not be much bigger The Big Show, but there is something ominous about his appearance that just captures your attention. He used to be a body-builder, and so his body is quite proportionate and well-toned. He is very easily the most captivating wrestler in WWE today.

As I wrote a few weeks back, this guys used to be a daily wage labourer working on the highways of Punjab and Himachal. To come from there to demolish the Undertaker is just phenomenal (pun unintended). What surprises me is the Indian media still hasn't discovered him or gone nuts over him. The market for WWE is big enough in India for them to cover him extensively.

And yes, one great effect of The Great Khali's victory has been a spurt in traffic to my blog. Daily visits have gone up by 50%, because my previous post on The Great Khali is ranked 2nd in google searches for his name. Who woulda thought?