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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SomeAchaar - Additional Seats in Instis Donated By UN

Here's another bit of news from the Daily SomeAchaar, the non-periodical with news that you can savour and preserve. Any philosophical similarities with The Onion are purely intentional.

New Delhi May 24 - A huge consignment of benches landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport today. The benches, numbering in a few thousand, were sent by the United Nations to help in ending the reservations debate that has raged in India for almost 2 months.

Ubhaka Baski, a UN official who accompanied the consignment told reporters, "We have been following the reservation debate very closely. We came to know from the Indian Government that the problems will be solved by increasing the number of seats in all institutions by 27%. We at the United Nations were surprised to learn that such a simple solution existed but was not being implemented. Hence to put an end to the problem, we have sent thousands of benches."

"These additional benches will lead to an increase in the number of seats in colleges", Baski added, "and hopefully everyone will be satisfied. In fact we have budget sanction to buy many more benches, so India can increase the quota as much as it wants."

The UN hopes all protests against reservations will now be called off, since they have donated to India the additional seats.