Vantage point

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pleasures of a Shaved Head

Everyone must shave their heads at least once in their lives. Especially before nature decides to shave it for you. I shaved my head recently and have been thoroughly enjoying the time since.

Immediately after your head is shaved, it feels like sand-paper. Rub your hand against it rapidly to derive a feeling of immense satisfaction. You also discover the lumpy contours of your head. It's like being introduced to a side of your self that you neglected for so many years.

Then come the responses from people you know. Some will be very concerned. Since traditionally, hindus shave their heads when a parent dies, the cursory query comes "Everything OK at home?". Once that is assured, the next quesion - "Balaji?". I am not a very religious person (as religious as an atheist can get) so the name "Balaji" doesn't ring the intended bells (pun intended). I wonder if person is implying that by shaving my head I am protesting the continued exclusion of Laxmipathy Balaji from the team. Or if this was done at the behest of Ekta Kapoor. The questioner helpfully adds "Tirupathi?". Light dawns. Refusal follows.

My stock reply has been a very lame joke - "Oh, forgot to wear my wig today!". But it is too lame even by my standards. Hence alternative suggestions invited.

Within 3-4 days the hair grows to a few mm. Running your hand slowly over your hair then gives a feeling of even immenser satisfaction. In fact I am considering charging people 10 rupees for doing that. I know I always want to run my hands over a just-shaved head. There has to be a huge market for it.

So if you want to run your hands over my head, you know what it will cost you!