Vantage point

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ban Code

I have read The Satanic Verses as well as The Da Vinci Code.

After reading TDVC I wondered, how can the Indian state explain why the book has not been banned whereas TSV has been banned. I am a free speech fundamentalist, and do not believe in the concept of bans. However if one is to play by the rules, what explains these double standards?

It doesn't require mastering rocket science to answer the question.

Muslims at approximately 16% of India's population, are a very crucial 'votebank' and play a key role in deciding electoral outcomes in a vast number of constituencies. Whereas Christians, at about 2% of the country's population, have hardly any "value" for politicians in the democratic process.

I am sure Orwell would have said, "Some minorities are more minor than others".