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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not Surprisingly SBI

Suggested script for an ad -


A man stands in an elevator with an attendant, looking very awkward. Both men are visible only waist-up.

Man: Uhhh....SBI...State Bank of India... is still the same inefficient boorish and inconsiderate entity which cares two hoots about its customers.
Attendant nods

Man: I fell into the trap of their 'Surprisingly SBI' ads and believed that they really had changed. Bank mein account khola... salary account.... doston se shart lagaayi ke SBI badal gaya hai...haar gaya. Lost the bet. The last 10 days I haven't been able to withdraw a single paisa from my account. Have been forced to borrow from my friends who have their accounts in private banks. So lost the bet. Isiliye...

A longer shot reveals the man wearing no pants. He steps outside the elevator and everyone starts laughing. A message appears - "Not Surprisingly SBI"

A few suggestions for billboard lines -
"Guess which bank had the highest number of defunct ATMs for a week?"
"Guess which bank managed to hold to ransom 30% of depositors in the country?"

Not Surprisingly SBI!

My parents have a couple of accounts in some nationalised banks including State Bank of India, the pampered behemoth whose employees have managed to arm-twist the government into pampering them even further.

I have convinced them and a few other relatives to shut off their accounts in all nationalised banks and shift to private banks.

I would give the same suggestion to all readers of my blog who have accounts in nationalised banks. If you are as upset at the high-handedness and the impunity displayed by State Bank of India employees union, punish them by shifting to a private bank.

First the Airport strike and now this. Those who still believe governments should run businesses, please shift all your money to nationalised banks....or even better...cooperative banks.

Put your money where your mouth is - literally.