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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back in Lucknow

This long unscheduled break in blogging has actually been as per schedule. I am travelling these days, and am back in the Great North Indian Plains again....Lucknow to be precise. I am travelling with milady, meeting herparents, relatives etc.

The train journey to Lucknow was dotted with stations which were infinitely cleaner than they used to be back when I travelled this route during my MBA. Prima facie, there seems an improvement in cleanliness of railway stations in Central and Northern India. I don't know how much credit goes to Lalu Yadav, but Indian Railways sure has been spruced up. The improvements in the ticketing systems are also welcome, since for the first time I booked tickets over the internet and used a printout as a ticket.

A friend from Bihar once said to me that people make the mistake of thinking that Bihar is badnaam due to Lalu. If they knew Bihar they would know that Lalu is badnaam due to Bihar. While his stint at the Railway Ministry started with a lot of gimmicks like the kullhar decision, he seems to be proving himself quite capable with his work over the last couple of least no less capable than an average politician.

Lucknow itself hasn't changed much. There are more retail outlets and more guns....though I don't necessariy imply a link between the two.

The food in Avadh is as yummy as ever, and I am stuffing myself silly with kababs, mughlai parathas, chaat, and everything that is edible.