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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two Apples a Day?

Two Apples a day....certainly won't keep lawyers away.

It's Apple vs. Apple in British Court

Until a few years back, one could have said that its OK for the two to co-exist since their businesses are as different as apples and oranges (oops, that's another brand name). But with Apple Computer entering the music business, a war is brewing.

Apparently both companies entered an agreement in 1991 where both promised not to "step on each others' toes", i.e not enter into each others businesses. If that is indeed the case, then Apple Computer is at fault.

As it is, iPod and iTunes are more well-known brand names than Apple in the music business. I think they would be well-advised to spin off that division and call it something else.

Karvanda? Papanas? Shraavan Ghevdaa even? Maybe!