Vantage point

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Many of us think that our rustic looking politicians hold monopoly to stupidity, and that the suit-boot-wallah firang politicians are somehow better. Whether this generalisation is true is false, one firang politician who would fit right in with the Indian lot is Kim Beazly, the leader of opposition in Australia. Beazly has blamed the Aussie PM John Howard for the Ashes defeat!!

"You can have your rugby tests, you can have international soccer, but this is what matters and there has been a frittering away of the spirit and he (Mr Beazley) holds that weasel (Mr Howard) responsible for it," as spokesman for Beazley said. He also added

"He's (Mr Howard) lost it for us, we will never forget, it's a crime.

Hehe. Lalu would be proud.