Vantage point

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wash it away!!!

Right now, rain has stopped play on the third day of the fifth and final Ashes test at The Oval. The headline on Cricinfo sums up the two sources of my joy - "Langer falls....and so does the rain!!"

Australia are 185/1 as it pours. And I am happy. Why?

Well, firstly, Langer is gone. OK, he scored a century, but this blog is no fan of his and his back is always a pleasant sight.

The second reason I am happy, is because the sadist in me has overpowered the cricket fan. I am hoping that will will rain so bad that the match will be washed away. In fact I want a washed out match even more than an England win. In fact I would love it if Australia score 600, then reduce England to 200/9 on the last day and rain stops play and draws the match. It would be fun to see Australia frustrated at rain preventing a fight-back.


Don't worry, tomorrow I will again be my old cricket-loving self and will be rooting for an England win.