Vantage point

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kangaroos Hopping Mad

You know that the Aussies are really in a bad shape when they, the most legendary rule-benders in the game say things like " It's within the rules of the game but it's just not within the spirit of the game, which is what we're all trying to uphold." Read more of how Ponting is all hot under the collar over here.

It is side-splittingly funny to read that an Australian captain is even pretending that they are trying to uphold the spirit of the game. This is just so funny that I am finding it difficult to string together a sentence without taking a laughter break. I wonder what Ponting things about the crawl of a run-chase that Australia embarked on against the West Indies in the 1999 World Cup?

Ponting is just playing into the hands of the Englishmen here. They know it pisses him off, so now they are going to do it even more. Remember the time Steve Waugh whined about Ganguly being late for a toss. An amused Ganguly started going for the toss late on purpose and it irked the Aussies no end, adding to their frustration. While it may not have been the sole factor behind India winning the series from behind, it was an excellent psychological tool.

I have always said that Ponting is not captaincy material. Warne should be the first choice, followed by Gilchrist. Ponting is just too hot-headed. When things are going well, a team can do well even without a captain, but it is at tough times like these that he needs to show his leadership skills. At Old Trafford we saw a great demonstration of the skills of Ponting the batsman. But Ponting the captain has been found wanting on all counts in this series. I would not be surprised if there is a leadership change affected after this tour.