Vantage point

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A nice blog

Proakis...Millman...Halkias....Fast Fourier Transforms... suddenly the (not-so) dustant past came screaming back, and made me nostalgic about the four years I spent in COEP to obtain an Engineering degree in E&TC. They came screaming back thanks to this blog - Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen run by a student of MIT (nope, not Mass. and not Manipal..... Maharashtra Institute of Technology). It is an interesting blog, with a lot of short stories. I recommend it heartily.

Many years back.... between the years 1998-2002 all the aforementioned terms were very significant in my life. The target then was, as I mentioned, becoming an engineer. Then came two years of MBA at IIML which pushed all this stuff into the background. After that, has been a year and half of selling servers, which does not require me to go too deep into the technology that I am selling, not as deep as I had to during my engineering.

What is the point of this post? Firstly to draw attention towards the fine blog of Kathak. Secondly, to express the feeling that has just sunk in about how fast and how much life changes. I am talking about my engineering days as if they are a distant past, whereas, it has been just 3-4 years. A few years from now I will probably be talking of my current life as a part of old history. A pretty obvious and non-earth-shattering point I know, but when it hits you, you want to blog about it to save it for posterity.