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Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Bangladeshi Blog

Came across the blog of a Bangladeshi today while searching for posts related to the bizarre blasts in the country which happened at 400 places but killed only two.

What really caught my attention though was a post Tazzy the blogger made titled Its not my fault that I feel like screaming sometimes...

She writes

How can seemingly educated and logical people originating from that country STILL know so little about the events of 1971?! I mean they can't even claim the 'media blanket' as a reason for cluelessness(where the West Pakistan media failed to report on what was happening in Dhaka in 1971, on purpose) , like their parent's generation. All they have to do is 'Google' the words - Bangladesh war, 1971 or even East Pakistan- and voila! You have facts. YES FACTS! Not conspiracy theories of how India instigated the Bangalis to revolt or that 'only a few people died' (try 300,000 by your government's count you morons) in combat ; but actual sequence of events. And they don't even have to go the seemingly Bangladeshi sites.

She further writes

But hey, the Bengalis are not better eh? If the people from West Pakistan are mistaken in giving all the credit of the 1971 war to India, the liberated Bangladeshi people, I will accuse, of not giving enough credit to India, specifically the Indian army. Even today, there are fears of 'selling the country to India' or 'India taking over Bangladesh' among the equally educated and logical Bengali people instead of endorsing in building even the smallest monument to acknowledge the Indian soldiers who died then- not defending their own country but helping another.

Read the whole post.

It is strange to read that Pakistanis feel that their country has done better than Bangladesh. True, there is no point in really playing the one-upmanship game in an under-achiever region like South Asia where millions are hungry and illiterate. But if I had to compare, I would say Bangladesh, considering its tender age, turbulent politics and vulnerability to natural calamities, has performed really well. It is rated slightly above Pakistan in the UNHD Index, and its achievements in empowerment of the rural population through community initiative and innovation rather than cumbersome government programs, are astounding. For coming up with Grameen bank alone, I would give Bangladesh kudos.

But yes, the ugly monster of Islamic fudnamentalism is raising its head in Bangladesh too.

They may say blood is thicker than water. But nothing is thicker than the heads of fundamentalists.