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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Pogrom Answer

A lot of responses to my quiz. Well can;t exactly call it my quiz, because half of it was thought up by Sarika. I know, aren't we just made for each other? Matching levels of corniness and all. And as I expected, almost everyone got only half the answer right. Even our favourites, Ravikiran and Ramanand got only that half of the answer. The half they missed was Sarika's contribution.

However beating overwhelming odds of 31415:1, Shom Biswas got the complete answer. He wins the right to claim a bottle of Lycil and a sachet of H&S. he says he would prefer a beer. Well Shom, all you have to do is furnish your ID and I'll buy you the beer next time you're in Bombay.

On to the answer.

A lot of you got half the answer right. In the Pogrom, jews were killed. And Lycil is a poison for lice, also called joo's in Hindi. However no one made the Head and Shoulders connection. Even our esteemed favourites did not ask themselves, if Jews is the only connection, why has this fellow mentioned the Pogrom and not the Holocaust?

Got it? Nope? Let me explain. Holocaust was carried out by the Nazis. Pogrom is a Russian word, and has its origins in the persecution of the Jews by the Russians, or the persecution of Russian jews.

Russians in Hindi are called roosi, a word which is also the Hindi word for Dandruff.

Got it? :)