Vantage point

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mom, What does "S#ut" mean?

Managed to buy the latest Harry Potter book (Half-Blood Prince) very easily. Have another 200 pages to go before I finish it. It starts off very well, with the Minister of Magic calling on the Muggle Prime Minister of England. The whole meeting was very hilariously written. After that though, very little has happened that would make this book memorable. So far there are shades of each of the previous books, but nothing that has helped the book come into its own. So far the most notable event has been on page 342. At least I think so.

On this page, I found the word "s#ut" used by one character to refer to his sister. Now I don't know if the usage of this word has become very common in children's literature. But if it hasn't, then J.K.Rowling and her editors have committed a serious faux pas.

Some mothers, whose children might confront them with the question mentioned in this post's title, might kick up a storm.

Meanwhile, I'll get back to the book, hoping that the book takes an interesting turn.