Vantage point

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Notice that Manmohan's speech, which had a few kind words for the British empire, is potentially a lot more damaging that Advani's speech about Jinnah.

Yet there is hardly any dust being kicked up by it, compared to the Advani saga.

I guess it helps when people in your party are not media-hungry quote-racks who would stab you in the back just to get some front-page-newsprint.

In other news, George Fernandez takes the whole "NDA-is-very-tight" bit seriously, and admonishes the RSS on BJP's behalf. the BJP in turn admonishes him for getting too big for his boots.

First Advani, then Yashwant, now George. Looks like all the members of the previous Cabinet have taken up crow-eating as a hobby.