Vantage point

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


..stands for Yet Another Panipuri Post.

This time from the blog of Satyajit 'Beatzo' Chetri (who, as an aside, is an excellent quizmaster to hire for your college quizzes after giving Parnab the heave-ho).

He writes here -

I mean, you are there, in a queue, and the vendor is in a zen-like state of panipuri-distribution, his hands working purely on instinct. He does multiple things at the same time, juggle preferences - like one customer wants only sweetened pani, one wants more of the filling, another wants more onions , keep a count of how many of the gobblers around him have gobbled how many panipuris. You are part of the system. You lift the panipuri from your plate in one fluid motion, taking care not to spill the water on your clothes or your shoes or ( sacrilege!) the ground. You gulp it down, making sure that you do not breathe when you do so - lest you cough up the puri on your neighbour and cause all the devotees considerable distress. And you also ensure that you're done with the panipuri that was assigned to you before the next one lands on your plate - otherwise the older one will get soggy, and the newer one will unbalance, and that causes a disturbance in the Force. And that, my friend, is the Panipuri Experience, and not this - sitting at a table and using spoons and having to crack open the puri yourself...nossir. This is HEY, hands off my plate!!! "

So true!