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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

General Thoughts On The Formula 1 Season

Yes, it may get a tad boring when Ferrari keeps winning everything. But it also gets boring qwhen Ferrari keep losing everything. The ideal situation is when Ferrari is in close competition with 1 or two teams. For instance, 2003 was a perfect season, where Michael had to sweat it out until the last lap to ensure that he retained the championship, and Raikonnen could have won it right until the last lap, if he had managed to overtake Barichello and Schumi had dropped even a single position. That was cool. Now, you have the "others" fighting it out. Renault vs Mclaren??? Tchah!!
Fernando Alonso is the hot favourite to win the driver's title this year, and can more or less clinch it if he has podium finished in the enxt 3-4 races. His success has shown that a guy literally can start off his career in a Minardi and eventually become world champion. Narain is still in a Jordan, which is a few notches above Minardi.
Thankfully FIA has chucked its bizarre qualifying format, and now grid positions will be decided on Saturday itself. The spilling over of the qualifying to Sunday made the Saturday sessions almost like practice laps. Glad that sanity has prevailed.