Vantage point

Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge is Sweet

Have you called upyour bank, or credit card company, or cellphone company, and almost died of irritation as they put your call on hold? There's also the left-handed taunt in their earnest assurances "Your call is important to us...please stay on the line....".

Of late I have devised a very satisfying way of getting back at them. I have been getting calls from all these folks wanting me to sign up for their services. You know what I do? I put their calls on hold!!

That's right! So when I put the caller on hold, they keep hearing Airtel's sweet message - "The Airtel you are calling has put your call on hold", which is like another left-handed taunt.

Just this morning, a non-life insurance company called me up.

Caller: Hello sir, I am Shilpa calling from XXXX. Would you like to hear about our various....
Me: Just hold on, Shilpa, I am interested in your services, but I have got a call. Please hold.

Then I proceed to put the call on hold. They almost always call back and I say "Yes yes, just a second, I have my boss on the other line, please hold."

Then I get back to eating chips, or watching TV, or writing blogposts. If you are a call-center executive who has been my victim, please share with me the frustration you go through.