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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blogroll Update Part 1

Some long overdue additions to my blogroll.

Hazel's Poems - It took a lot of prodding to get Sarika to try her hand at poetry. The result, as we have seen on her blog over the past year or so, has been lovely. Deservedly, she has started a blog solely for her poetry. Of course, the lazy bum hasn't updated it in 2 months. ;)

Madhura's Mad World - The blog of Madhura Sane, a friend of mine from Pune who is currently studying in Minneapolis. The blog is "typically Sane".

Next we have two blogs run by Madhu. Not be to be confused with Madhura. They both differ vastly in gender, profession, beliefs, size.... everything.

Madhu "Madman" Menon - Perhaps the longest overdue addition. Software-pro-turned-restaurateur from Bangalore, and a fellow member of the Libertarian Cartel. Passionate about technology, capitalism, atheism, logic and of course food.

Shiok Blog - Also a blog run by Madhu, dedicated solely to the Far-eastern Cuisine that his restaurant Shiok specialises in. A delectable mix of recipes and food-related essays. And of course, there are the pictures, each one of which you could devour (except maybe the one of Madhu himself).

Then we have three blogs run by Amit Varma....the Amit Varma Triblogy, if you will.

23 Yards - The first cricket blog on Wisden Cricinfo, it talks about cricket beyond just the obvious numbers and personalities that every cricket writer dwells upon. Be it passionate posts advocating greater technology in cricket, be it a thoughtful musing on the cliched "choking" phenomenon, or be it poetic prose about the rhythm of cricket, every single post is enough to anoint him as India's answer to Peter Roebuck (though Amit would modestly protest on reading this).

India Uncut - The fellow is not all about cricket. India Uncut is Amit's blog about India. Here he gives a commentary on the issues facing our country. Of late though, the highlight of this blog has been the 50-plus posts made by Amit while travelling through the tsunami-affected regions of India. If you haven't chanced upon this blog yet, I recommend you save his archives, and devote an hour to reading them on top priority.

The Middle Stage - His third blog. He also promises a fourth blog dedicated to cows!

Notes and Stones - A blog about quizzing, but not one which carries questions. Started by Ramanand, it also has me in its list of contributors. I must admit though that I haven't written much for the blog, a fact I intend to correct soon.

More updates soon.