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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Movies in Buses

Movies shown in video coach buses are a subject of research. As someone who travels a lot by Volvo buses between Pune and Mumbai, I have noticed that there are certain trends that are difficult to ignore.

One is the overwhelming preference of the bus companies for the Yashraj films (including the Dharma Productions too). 75% of the time, the movie being shows has a Chopra or a Johar, or both, involved in it. The sheer frequency if mind boggling. The last Yashraj movie that I proactively went and watched in the theatres (or rented a video) is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The scars still persist and hence there has been no attempt from my end in the last 7 years or so to go and catch a Yashraj movie.

Inspite of that, I have watched the following movie....and multiple times!!

KKHH - 5 times
K3G - 3 times
Mohabbatein - 4 times
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai(!!!) - 3 times
Kal Ho Na Ho - 6 times
Hum Tum - 2 times
Dhoom - 4 times

If I have missed listing any Yashraj movie released in the past 7 years, rest assured, I have not missed watching it. Of course, I use the term "watch" very loosely. Usually a yashraj movie is an excellent lullaby and I sleep like a baby through the whole journey.

Last night I was returning from Pune to Bombay, and was hoping to take a good nap, when the TV in the bus came alive, and the name flashed "Hera Pheri". I groaned... it being a good movie, I would have to watch it, and thus would not get any sleep. But thankfully the guy changed the CD and put on "Mohabbatein" instead. And I slept peacefully through that mushfest.