Vantage point

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Etch One

During my first ever visit to the US Consulate for a visa, I was mighty amused by most of the H1 applicants. They were to tense, you could be forgiven for thinking it was an IIM interview or a job interview or something.

Firstly they were all wearing ties. Why wear ties? The visa form didn't mention any dress code, and none of the consulate staffers, even the firang ones, were wearing ties.

Secondly most of them were mugging something. I spied close to one bloke from Patni and saw that the paper actually contained FAQs, something like the "Most Likely Questions" that SSC students mug from. Some guys were actually mugging up answers to standard questions.

Thirdly, most of them were muttering some sort of a prayer before the interview.

They all reminded me of the people you encounter at inter-college quizzes, carrying a Competition Success Review.

Of course, not all the H1 applicants were like that. I was sitting with some normal H1 applicants, and making fun of the nerds. It was the only source of entertainment during the long wait for my turn for a business visa.