Vantage point

Monday, July 26, 2004

This is Rich!!!

Yesterday when I wrote pakistan weren't aware of the bonus point concept, I was half-kidding. It turns out they really weren't properly aware......and still are not. At least Shoaib Akhtar isn't.

This is what he says today in his column in the TOI - (I cant find the link, so am quoting from memory)

If India beat Sri Lanka by a big margin and get the bonus point against them, it will be bad news for us. However, the way Sri Lanka are playing, it is very unlikely that India will beat them by a margin big enough to earn a bonus point.

Someone, maybe Bob Woolmer, needs to tell Shoaib that the bonus point is now immaterial. Even if India beats SL by the slenderest of margins, Pakistan is knocked out of the tournament. And it does not matter what margin they beat Bangaldesh by. In short, the last bonus point to matter in the tournament was the one pakistan so generously gifted to India.