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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

IT in Punjab!

Mix Punjab and IT and you get some remarkable jokes. One inadvertant joke was cracked by my friend Ameya in the last century when our Engineering class was planning a so-called study tour. This was the initial stage when we were thinking of places connected to our studies (we were studying electronics and telecommunication). We had already decided to go to North India, for the simple reason that "Everyone goes to South India". At that stage we had decided on Delhi, and were wondering which other places we could add, that would have some connection to our studies.

That's when Ameya had this brainwave and said "Chandigarh!!! We should go to Chandigarh!!". The rest of us obviously asked him....why Chandigarh. And his answer has been recorded as one of the more memorable comments anyone in our class made (all such comments are the topic of a separate post!). He said - "Arre, Chandigarh is the IT capital of Punjab!!!!".

All that came out of this answer was a prolonged phase of collective guffawing. Chandigarh wasn't added to the itinerary. We eventually decided to do away with the study pretence and ended up visiting Rajasthan!! (I wrote a couple of posts about mu experience with peddlers on that tour - PEDDLERS ON THE ROUTE - EPISODE ONE and PEDDLERS ON THE ROUTE - PART DEUX).

Anyway, the reason for this post is a joke I cracked today. My first joke in the Bombay office.

Me - You know, if IBM set up a PC manufacturing plant in Punjab, what we could brand those computers as?
Colleague - What?
Me - Punjab Da Puter!!!