Vantage point

Saturday, May 29, 2004

I Love This Game :)

I have never really liked video games or computer games. My friends would go crazy over Prince, or NFS, or Roadrash, but I never really caught on to them.

I have liked only two computer games so far. And both are connected to my real life passions. The first one was Cricket 96.

The second one, which i played yesterday, is Formula 1 2002. I have tried that game before, but it didnt run on my old computer.

Well, thanks to IBM presenting me with a Thinkpad T41 with 512 MB RAM (ahhem!!), I could play it.

And it is so amazing. The amount of work that must have gone into the game is astonishing. The visual details are just one part of it. You can actually set up the car, like F1 mechanics do. That feature would be a treat for a hardcore F1 nut like Sumeet.

One version of the game I love playing is the one I call Demolition F1. :) In that I just make my car "invulnerable" and then run it in the opposite direction. I love breaking the Williams and the McLarens of the world into small pieces. The faster I put all cars out of commission, the better. :)

Try it, sometimes it is more fun in a depraved sort of way.