Vantage point

Thursday, May 20, 2004

From Rann to the Small B has fallen

His career started in the Rann(of Kutch) in Refugee. Now considering his latest movie Run, he has become more of a Refusee.

On my first day in Bangalore, me and my host and hostess decided to watch a movie. For some reason we chose Run, knowing fully well that it would be hideous.

My review of the film is a bit different. yes, the movie was bad, but it was bad in a very different way. It is slightly difficult to explain this, but let me try.

Firstly, the movie is directed namede Jeeva. Jeeva? Jeeva!!! Jeeva!!!

The story of the movie is pretty run-of-the-mill (heehee) - Boy from small town(Allahabad actually) comes to big town, falls in love at first sight, girl has an overprotective brother from the underworld, etc etc.

However, for a change, the big-bad-city is Delhi, instead of the usual Mumbai. So instead of a visual of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, we see a visual of the Delhi Rly Stn.

The girl's evil brother is a Jatt(played by the very Bambaiyya Mahesh manjrekar) and speaks in Haryanvi accent instead of the Bambaiyya accent. So "apun ki bhen" becomes "Mhaari bheN".

The guy and girl don't bump into each other in a local, but on board a DTC Bus.

Then there are also some funny moments, intentionally or intentionally, due to the "different" handling of some cliches.

Hero has a sister. Now I was expecting that this sister with the Jeeja(a very different shy role for Mukesh Rishi) would either be de-izzatified or killed by the goon. Sure enough, the evil bro with a dozen of his goons barge into the house, and start manhandling the jeeja. At this point, evil bro's mobile rings. At the other end is his school going kid who says "papa, yahan par koi hai". It is our man Abhishek with a knife at the throats of evil bro's wife and kid. He takes the phone and says "Agar meri family hai, to teri bhi to family hai" or something to that effect". Evil bro and his goons exit the house rapidly.

I thought this was funny. For a change the hero was playing mind games.

Then one day he barged into evil bro's house and says "kal subah 9 baje teri behen ko utha ke le jaunga aur shaadi karoonga". Tense evil bro and henchmen are waiting at their place at the given time the next day, ready to kick dude's ass when hero calls to say "Abey, agar shaadi 9 baje karni hai to main 9 bajey kyun uthaunga usko? Usko to main kal raat hi bhaga le gaya. Abhi hum shaadi kar rahe hain. aana hai to aa ja."

Evil bro and henchmen jump into a car and note....hero never said where they are getting married, and yet these dudes are speeding away somewhere.

As soon as they leave, hero walks into the house, cos he hasnt abducted the girl at all. She is still there!

All in all, the movie was hilarious. The evil bro's goons are the puniest henchmen ever seen in Bollywood history, most notable one being a Sardar who barely touches 5 feet. No wonder Abhishek keeps bashing them up all the time. And even after getting repeatedly bashed up, the evil bro sends the same henchmen to do his work.

Another weird thing is the title of the movie. No one runs long enough in the movie to warrant the name. Its not like Daud where they actually are on the run. here the whole story takes place in Sheila Dixit's jurisdiction. yet the movie is named "Run".

As if the movie was not funny enough, you have the talented Vijar Raaz who gets fleeced by one and all in Delhi.

All in all, worth a dekko......but not in a cinema hall.

Definite nomination for Ramanand's "JaDe Project".