Vantage point

Thursday, August 28, 2003


I am really pissed of these fundamentalists weakening this country by strengthening each others' arms. The two types of loonies just can not exist without each other. Khalid Mohammad in Fiza portrayed their collusion in a crude manner, but he was not far from the truth. VHP gets its strength from the BMAC or SIMI. They in turn are strengthened by the VHP. And so the spiral continues, and will continue unless we stop this degradation into medieval mentality.

What brings forth my latest outburst is Syed Shahabuddin's reaction to the ASI report. It is not that he trashed it that gets my goat. It is the manner that matters. First of all, I think the RJB-BM issue should have been decided using property rights. The VHP keeps saying courts have no jurisdiction on religious matters, but that is hogwash. here you have one piece of land which belongs to someone. Who cares what was there some centuries ago? The most you can do is offer to shift the mosque elsewhere and build a ram temple there.

But no, like prize asses, raging maniacs destroy that mosque(or "structure" as they hypocritically call it), and set off a fresh series of tragic events. From the Bombay riots of 92-93 to the Gujarat riots of 02.....all have their genesis in that damned piece of land in Ayodhya.

Where is the BMAC going wrong? They should decide their stance once and for all. If the matter is to be decided by property rights, then so be it. It does not matter if Ram was actually bron there. If they feel that the proof of a ram temple would be enough to make them give up their claim, then they should take an objective view of it. But no, to have this image of liberal seculars, which they so obviously are not, they keep saying "If you prove that the temple existed, we will give up the claim at once!".

And now that the ASI comes with evidence of a 10th century temple, they trash the report without even reading it. If they had read it and then found it flawed, it was OK. However this came like a knee jerk reaction. Jerks!!!

The fundos keep scratching each others backs while the common man burns.