Vantage point

Monday, December 16, 2002

Jogging in the evenings is fun. Firstly, it feels great to run the ring road that runs along the perimeter of the insti campus, all 2.8 kms of it, at one go. I am happy because I've re-started jogging just a week back or so, and already my lungs are back to their mid-season form. Now my target is two rounds around the insti without a break.

But here's a fringe benefit one gets from jogging. It injects so much heat into my body that I sit sweating in my room, wearing just a t shirt after I come back, while the other guys on my floor are shivering as they sit wrapped in the annual wool production of New Zealand's Central Districts between them. They give me nasty looks as I wipe my sweat and smile as I say "Warm isn't it?".

When the heat starts wearing off, I head to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower for about 45 minutes, soaking in all the heat from the water, and am feeling positively warm as I step out of the shower. As a result, I remain lightly dressed for the rest of the evening

The dirty looks my floormates give me get dirtier by the minute until about midnight when the heat finally takes my leave and I summon the production of the rest of New Zealand to keep me warm.

All said and done, I agree with Sarika. I prefer Lucknow winters to Lucknow summers anyday.