Vantage point

Monday, September 30, 2002

A long overdue update to the blogger's list

The greatest compliment a blogger pays to another is to include him on the bloglist on his own page. Here are 5 good ones I have been reading recently, but been too busy (read l-a-z-y) to include in my template.

Almas Shah a.k.a Khushee has a peppy blog called Serenity. She lives in Australia, attends uni everyday, and loves her cat. I can imagine her to be the sort of person in real life who laughs, smiles and giggles a lot, but still manages to maintain an air of intellectual superiority, and justifiably so.

Shuchita recounts A Faineant's Tale . This witty lady lives in the greatest city in the world, Pune and works in the Software Development arm of HSBC. Loves Tolkien, Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, and is waiting for an unknown wealthy relative in Australia (actually she says any country will do, as long as the money is enough) to die and make her the sole beneficiary.

Radha Desai writes on the Radzone. Christened Radzee during the hype surrounding the movie AntZ, she swears she does not resemble Woody Allen. Studies molecular biology at TIFR in Mumbai, and that makes her one of the most intelligent people I know. Besides reading such a fascinating and complex subject, she likes spending weekends back in Pune, her hometown, and has recently discovered the magical world of Harry Potter.

Rushi Desai runs Rushi's Journal ( previously Hyporg's Home). Seems to have a good knowledge of Comp Sci inspite of doing his engineering from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology. Currently working at IIT Bombay. The sort of guy who will wear bermudas and slippers to his cubicle one day, spend twice as much time on debugging than on writing code, dream of getting paid thrice as much as an efficient management guy, and will have to be pestered infinitely to get a simple module finished in time.

The last but not the least, is the brilliant Codelust. Works for the Indian Express and has one of the best blogs around. Has the wittiest repartees and often the most thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. Words fail to describe his blog properly. He's one cool blogger.