Vantage point

Monday, September 30, 2002

I am back to IIM Lucknow. It means back to assignments, projects, lectures, but more importantly, back to free 24 hour internet access.

I should not have mentioned it in my 25th September post. The two attempts at playing the ICC Champions Trophy final got rained off, and India had to share the trophy with Sri Lanka, an obviously inferior team. I love the way the tourney ended though, with Sehwag hitting Vaas over thirdman for a six, before the rains stopped play.

Last week was a meet-the-bloggers week for me. After the famous Sukanya-Gaurav summit, plans were afoot for a Shuchita-Nikita-Gaurav conference in Pune on thursday. However, we had to postpone that, since thursday was the day of the bandh (general strike) called by the VHP-SS. The following day, there were some problem with contacting Nikita, and it finally ended up being a Shuchita-Gaurav meet. We met at Southwinds, the first coffee shop in Pune, and generally talked XIX to the XII about varied topics like Wodehouse, Engineering Colleges, Imaginary rich relatives, post graduation, inarticulate bloggers, the bodily dangers of playing golf, the proximity of the "i" key to the "o" key and the obscene typos it causes......I think that is confusing enough as far as lists of conversation topics goes.

Let's just say I had a great time, and it was fun meeting Shuchita. I think there should be more real-life interaction between bloggers. The two experiences I had were great.