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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another Symbolic But Symptomatic Obama Wuss-Out

Obama has either backtracked on, or backburner-ed, or compromised on, almost every bold position he held during the campaign. Public option, closing Gitmo, Dont Ask Dont Tell, Wall Street Regulations, Ending No-Bid Contracts...... the list goes on and on.

And every time the list grows, a simple fact is underline - Obama does not hold any core principle or belief so passionately that he would not compromise on it, or let it go. Hate Bush and Cheney as much as you want, but you've gotta admit, they stuck to their principles. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, on opposite sides of the aisle, may never have a serious chance of running the country, but they stand for principles they believe in. If Obama had been even half as steadfast as Bush, he would have achieved a lot. But he's been a complete pansy.

Anyway, the latest wuss-out. Symbolic and with very little impact on American lives, but symptomatic of his principles-optional administration.

First read, from his campaign website, Barack Obama on the Importance of US-Armenia Relations

Now read, Obama against Armenian 'genocide' bill or Obama Administration ‘Strongly Opposes’ Genocide Resolution, Will Work to Prevent Its Passage

Another campaign promise bites the dust. Another so-called principle cast aside.