Vantage point

Monday, February 08, 2010

Drama-Mystery TV shows and such

A lot of people have been recommending the (21st century not the 70s) Battlestar Galactica to me for a while. A lot of the same people who recommended LOST for a while. I bit into LOST in the 5th season and am hooked as you all know.

So, over the last few days, when I had some free time after submitting 2 papers, I gave it a shot. Went till the middle of the 2nd season before getting really bored. Maybe it was hyped up by its evangelists to me too much, so fell short of the raised expectations. Or maybe it just didn't match my tastes.

Whatever the reason, in my mind, BSG #FAIL. It has been abandoned. I don't care if they found "Earth", if what they thought was "Earth" was actually "Earth", or whether the series is in the distant past or the distant future, or whatever. I have well-left it.

Watched some episodes of ABC's new drama FlashForward, which has a lot of familiar faces - Joseph "Shakespeare in Love" Fiennes, John "Harold Lee" Cho, and Jack "Steve from Coupling" Davenport being the most prominent. Good start so far. Haven't read the original book. But the LOST admiration is obvious, with covert (stylistic) as well as overt (a billboard for Oceanic air) tributes.

Also, can't help but notice the similarities to LOST writer Biran K Vaughan's Y: The Last Man, with the mysterious global catastrophe and all. Not surprising, since the show's co-creator is David S. Goyer, who last I heard was also involved in the film adaptation of Y. Y would make a way better TV series than a film though.

Of course, the ultimate TV series material is Preacher, which HBO flirted with and then abandoned. Now apparently Sam Mendes is going to direct a film adaptation. But considering how many false starts the Preacher screen adaptation project has had, I ain't holding my breath.

But back to the big one. LOST. Next episode in 28 hours and 25 minutes. Will be watched, with the constant by my side.