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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hangover and Bruno - Short Reviews


I'd heard only good things about this movie, and it lived up to its reputation. Hilarious movie, a much smarter version of Dude Where's My Car?, I though. There have been a spate of good stoner movies of late, and finally the alcohol lovers have responded with a drunkard's movie (although technically of course, it is a roofie-ers movie, but we'll kindly adjust). All the actors, relative unknowns (except Ed Helms of The Daily Show and The Office fame), have done a great job. The situations and all hilarious, and it all comes together very nicely in the end. This is definitely a must-buy-DVD-for-repeat-viewings movie.


Funny and incisive, but somehow failed to achieve the heights of Borat, IMHO. Which is surprising, because in Da Ali G show, I always found Bruno sketches funnier than Borat sketches. I think the movie falters because unlike Borat, which had a single target to poke fun at, Bruno has two - the vapid LA-centric lifestyle in the first half and the American heartland's homophobia in the second half. And the transition from one to another is not seamless. I also did not think the basic underlying "storyline" was as coherent as in Borat. Worth watching nonetheless. Warning to those who get scandalized easily - if Borat made you worried about losing your lunch, Bruno will make you puke your intestines out.

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