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Friday, July 17, 2009

"Canadian" Cricket Team?

Why the quotes? This is the playing eleven from Canada's ongoing 4-day match against Netherlands as part of the ICC Intercontinental Cup (which Canada is on the verge of winning!).

Geoff Barnett
Rizwan Cheema
S Jyoti
Qaiser Ali
S Dhaniram
TC Bastiampillai
AA Mulla†
S Keshvani
Khurram Chohan
U Bhatti
Zameer Zahir

The only two players born in Canada are Barnett (the only white guy in the whole team, counting reserves) and Keshvani, who seems to be a 2nd generation Indian immigrant. All others were either born in the Indian subcontinent, or are Indians from the Caribbeans. In fact take away Barnett's name, and replace it with some other South Asian from the reserves, and ask someone from Canada to guess which team it is.

Hilarious! The Netherlands team on the other hand is almost all white. But my guess is they, along with Ireland, and some African countries are exception. Why doesn't the ICC call the "Intercontinental Cup" what it really is? Club cricket for the South Asian diaspora.