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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Zach Braff's Blog

Through the young Anantha a.k.a. The Blogger Formerly Known As Anti, I learnt that one of my favourite entertainers, Zach Braff has a blog. This is it. Pretty easy URL to remember actually. Readers will remember from my Garden State review that I consider Braff as one of the most promising talents in Hollywood.

The blog was fun to read because unlike other celebrity blogs which are more of exercises in PR, Zach's blog is just that - Zach's blog. He writes it with the honest freshness of just another blogger. Here are a few samples -

Didn’t win, but I met P. Diddy, so who u calling a loser? He made eye contact with me and headed towards me and I was like “uh oh, did I anger Diddy?” My brain started spinning, “think of times you may or may not have pissed off Diddy. Quickly! What r u doing? Don’t look at Harley from “Lost” focus on Diddy!!!”

I met Donald Trump today. It was odd because I’ve never met a person while holding a bobble-head doll of them. By coincidence, someone had just given it to me. If you ever get the opportunity to meet a person while holding a bobble-head doll of them, you too will notice it is an odd feeling that is better felt than described. He was nice. I told him that I am a big fan of his show. I don’t watch tons of reality TV, but there’s something about that guy… I don’t know- he makes me laugh. And in an odd/superficial way you do learn a little about big business.

AMAZING song. Anyway I wrote Garden State about a time in my life when I was very depressed. I felt like I had no one! And out of that sadness I began to write. So many of you, in response to Garden State or “The Last Kiss” have write me such painful/yet beautiful stories of things you are dealing with in your life; emotions and memories that those films brought up for you in your own life. A woman today wrote me the most beautiful letter about her emotional response to “The Last Kiss” and it almost brought tears to my eyes. So I would feel dishonest if I didn’t say at some point that Garden State was very much inspired by my own experience and I have had some hard times, but I am not currently depressed. I’m actually quite the opposite. The way it was worded in the article, it implied that I am not currently happy. I walked into an interview today and the interviewer goes, “You look fine to me!” And I was like what the hell are you talking about I just got a fucking Donald Trump bobble-head doll, why would I not be giggling like there’s a feather stuck in my bottom?

Oh just read the whole thing, or I'll end up quoting it all here.

He also links to some funny youtube videos on it, and fans of Scrubs or Peanuts or both(like me) will love this -

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