Vantage point

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dryer Conundrum

Doing confirmatory factor analysis for several hours can lead to some interesting questions. And here is one such.

Wasing machines have been selling well in india for the last couple of decades. At approximately a million units a year, they have been selling, if not like hot cakes then at least moderately warm ones. Which is why I wonder why dryers are not doing well in India. In fact no company has seriously pushed dryers. Why is that?

With monsoons lasting for 3-4 months, especially in a humid city like Bombay, I would have seen tremendous value in a dryer. Even for fog-ridden North India in winters. Drying cothes the old-fashioned way is a headache in inclement weather and is tacky even otherwise. Having clothes hanging from a clothesline in your balcony or some room in your house..... yuck!

Why then is a dryer not pushed by consumer durable companies in India? And I am not talking about the washer-and-dryer combo. That just drains out water. I am talking about actual dryers which leave your clothes feeling warm, the way Kramer loves them.