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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Indibloggies '06

Rather late in the day to make a post about the Indibloggies for which voting has been on for the last few days. The polls close on the 20th, so it's not too late. You can go forth and vote at this link, but before that note this important message from the organisers - If you don’t get an email after registration or after completing the survey, please check your spam folder, many Gmail users have reported this. I am not sure why this happens coz the mails are being sent from indibloggies mail ID only.

The norm is to make some recommendations to your readers about the voting. So all those of you who worship the snow-turned-into slush that I tread on these days, here are my recommendations about some categories that I feel strongly about -

Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique/network - Desipundit. This is a redundant recommendation really. DP are the obvious favourites here, and it is very creditable that despite their being essentially a blog-filter which anyone else can set up, they are miles ahead of the competition.

Best Entertainment Indiblog - My plug here goes to Beware of the Blog by George Thomas without any equivocation. There would have been heaps of equivocation had my other favourite entertainment blog - Angst In My Pangst been nominated as well. But it hasn't. So in George we trust.

Best Group/Community IndiBlog - The Indian Economy Blog hits the nail on the head in all matters economic. In my mind, there really is no competition. And I'm not just saying that because I cross-post on it once in a blue moon. But in case you aren't sure, then check out the blog for yourself.

Best Humanities Indiblog - The Middle Stage by Chandrahas. In terms of pure writing skills, in my humble opinion, it is the best Indian blog. The content kicks ass too.

Most Humorous IndiBlog - Greatbong. Naam hi kaafi hai.

Best New IndiBlog - Shruti's Kalchakra has been like a whiff of fresh air. She deserves this award uncontested.

So those are the categories I feel strongly about. What about the big one? The Indiblog of the Year? Check out the next post for that.