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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Shahrukh and Amitabh can go feuding into oblivion. Rajkumar, Rajni and Balayya, who have been monopolising youtube love, can slip into the dark recesses of history. We, the people of India have found a new Superstar. Raja!! Or whatever his real name is. Check him out in the video below. All you future Raja-bhakts will have to be patient. He appears only at 1:08. Until then feast your eyes on those shapely well-toned bods. And towards the end of the video, he displaying a dancing prowess which will surely send Hrithik scurrying for cover. Behold -

Update: Another gem! jeans dhila karo!

(Links via chat from Shreyas T)

P.S. - Saket, should I now expect a Bhojpuri backlash in the blogosphere, bizarrely classifying me a South Indian and abusing all Southies?

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